From Farm to Fork: Helping the New Jersey Food Processors Association

Problem: Grow a fledgling state-based professional society, using fresh branding and new member benefits.


Solution: In 2011, AMG took over management of the New Jersey Food Processors Association, which was volunteer-managed, with minimal presence outside of South Jersey. AMG immediately created regular communications and revitalized the website, added social media outreach, and produced a flawless annual meeting and golf outing, both with improved revenues and participation.


  Additionally, AMG brought NJFPA to the Statehouse, creating an entirely new program—FARM TO FORK—bringing together the efforts of all four food industry segments – The New Jersey Farm Bureau, the New Jersey Food Processors Association, the New Jersey Food Council, and the New Jersey Restaurant Association in a unified exhibit.  AMG branded the day with a logo, banner, and individual exhibitors who engaged legislators in the halls of the Statehouse on the importance of the food industry in the Garden State.   This event has grown significantly every year.


  Membership has grown by 50%, and increased fresh ideas to bring in North Jersey and surrounding state participation through a new ON THE ROAD dinner series promises to gain additional support.


  As with all AMG association management clients, NJFPA benefits from professional board of directors and committee meetings administrative management, strong networking dinners, and quality membership communications.    AMG is proactive and initiates new and creative programming designed to meet the mission of the individual organizations.